--Mozart's Family Life--

Leopold Mozart is playing the violin, Nannerl is next to the piano, and Mozart is playing the piano.

    Wolfgang's father's name was Leopold Mozart. Leopold was a leader of a local orchestra. His mother's name was Maria Anna Pertl. She gave birth to six children, but the only two who survived were Wolfgang and his sister Maria Anna (Nannerl) .
    Both Nannerl and Wolfgang showed that they had a very big talent for music. By the age of eight Nannerl was very good and talented at playing the piano.
    At the age of five Wolfgang started trying to write his own music. At first he did not know how to write out music properly, but Leopold showed him how to and he caught on very quickly. Wolfgang wrote his first symphony at the age of seven.
    Wolfgang's father was very strict when it came to his son's talent for music. He would not let Wolfgang stop playing, and he made him play everywhere for everyone.